The most amazing "city of sleep" - just like the "four seasons hotel" - center for sleep study .. and so much more I am blessed big time to have my friend of 25 years , Nurit Grunfeld, and Julie Handelman I feel like you literally saved my life! I cannot thank you enough. (No wonder that the people who work there are simply beautiful souls)

Ada B.   

I just had a sleep study there and the personnel are very cordual. They explained every single step of the procedure and answered all my questions. The rooms we're very clean and smelled good. I highly recommend this place to anyone in need of a sleep study. These people really know what their doing. Thanks for the wonderful experience L.A. Sleep Institute.

Jose R.   

I did the home sleep study using the yelp coupon. It was so easy!! The machine was super easy to use and the instructions were clear. The study was a great price and I didn't have to pay a penny more than the quote they gave me. It was such a relief to know I didn't have sleep apnea, but I urge all of you to get tested, given the very high numbers of undiagnosed sleep apnea. You don't need a new mattress, test your actual sleep!

Josh T   

I recently got a prescription from my cardiologist to get an in home sleep study for sleep apnea. I shopped around and stumble into the LA Sleep Institute. Everyone I spoke to at the office was knowledgeable and truly helpful. I got my test results quickly and was set up with a machine within the same week. They offered an affordable package for me, which included the sleep study, the CPAP machine and a one year supply of everything I needed to maintain my CPAP. The best part is I did not pay more than what was quoted. No hidden fees and I got all the support I needed from the LA Sleep Institute staff. I lost about 20 lbs. in 5 months without changing my routine; I was simply getting the right kind of sleep. Thank you so much LA Sleep Institute.

Eda C.   

They offer personal, yet professional service in this sleep lab. I feel like they held my hand through out the whole process of test and getting the CPAP machine, and follow up, etc. I am also happy about being able to contact someone, a live person, to answer my questions. Jesus, the manager is very knowledgeable about his work, and the services they give. I greatly recommend them to others needing this kind of service for they are experts, friendly and courteous. May God bless them.

Consolacion R.