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Get Fit While You Sleep

Get fit while you sleep

Get fit while you sleep

Let’s just get something out of the way first: no matter how much and how well we sleep, most of us want and know we need more. But with a finite number of hours in each day, we’re all struggling to get as much done as possible, and our ideal sleep time is often the first place we steal hours back. Work follows us home and just one more email means we hit the pillow an hour later than planned. Chores have to get done and maybe that means a much-needed nap gets skipped. And then comes working out: if you’re like me, the only way to fit in fitness is to rise and shine before the sun! So that alarm starts going off earlier and earlier.

As a fitness instructor and busy working mom, I feel the struggle like so many of you. But I’ve learned – and science backs this up – that sleep and exercise have a symbiotic relationship. The more you work out, the more quickly you’ll fall asleep when it’s time, and the better that sleep will be. And vice versa: when you are well-rested, you’re able to perform at top efficiency in your workout, and every minute that you spend sweating gets you closer to your health and wellness goals.

By the same turn, when you don’t sleep, you’re less likely to want to exercise, and that lack of activity can prevent you from falling and staying asleep.

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